Privacy Policy

At The Ultimate Companies, we value the close relationships we have with our customers, vendors, and employees. We put people first and that includes not only face-to-face communication but, particularly in these days of ever-changing technology, all manner of contact. Our Privacy Policy reflects our aim to provide customer-focused, value-oriented service in all of our business connections.

Our Privacy Policy includes what information we collect and how we use it. Should we find the need to change this Policy in the future, this webpage will be the primary route of communication of the current Policy in place and may be applied to past communications and collected information. Your use of our site and/or submission of information reflect your agreement to this Policy.

‘Contact Us’ Information

Any information that you submit through our Contact Us page will be used for the purpose of responding to your request, whether for further access to our site or for inquiry. We may retain all information submitted, including personal information and request content, as well as our responses. We may, at our discretion, also use this information for disseminating our promotional materials, as indicated within the Personal Information Usage section below.

Information related to your use of Site

To improve our website and our marketing efforts, we may use website traffic software to analyze your use of our site such as, but not exclusive to, pages accessed, how you reached our site, as well as time and usage.


As a service to you, we may provide external links on our site. We do not in any way endorse your use of these sites or make any claim to your privacy/security in your use of these sites. You are fully responsible for your use and subsequent actions should you choose to visit any sites from links provided on our site.

Personal information usage by The Ultimate Companies, Inc. and its divisions, including Ultimate Wireforms, Inc. and Ultimate do Brasil, Ltda.

This Policy provides for the sharing of your information, as deemed necessary to provide you with superior customer service, between the divisions of The Ultimate Companies, Inc.

We do value your privacy and so will not share your information with any outside parties without your permission (with exceptions as required by law or for the safety of The Ultimate Companies’ employees). Personal information that you provide may be used by the Ultimate Companies to provide information related to your inquiry, providing access to protected areas of the website, and/or to provide you with promotional information related to The Ultimate Companies’ products or services.

Further Information

Should you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you may contact us at